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Source: Formatting Cross-refrences

When working with cross-references, you might need different formats. I was looking for only number, what that means is that I wanted the text to be something like ”… is shown in Fig. 1 …” but Word’s MacOS cross-reference has some limitations in its UI, it doesn’t have a “only number” option under “Insert reference to:”, so I went online looking for a solution and to my surprise, Word has a very handy key combination “Alt + F9”


Updates or calculates selected field

Alt + F9

Toggle all fields in the document

The fix

Once you see the field text, you can add \# 0 to the field:

{ REF _Ref121212121 \# 0}

This will display only numbers instead of label AND number

Also, add \* Charformat so stays in the same format as the text surrounding it.


"... is shown in Fig. FIGURE 1 ..."


"... is shown in Fig. 1 ..."